14th October 2016


Videos for every budget


Whether you are planning a short, promotional video aimed at your website, a research impact video for your project, a trailer for your upcoming event, or a simple interview to camera, we will be happy to give you a competitive quote.

We can help your project at every stage, starting with discussing your initial concept, and helping you find the best medium for your objectives and the most effective way of reaching your target audience.

Telling your story means translating it into a script and a storyboard, images drawn in a sequence, which we will turn into cinematic shots and scenes.

Every video is a project, but also an exciting and often inspiring journey, recorded in moving images. Come and travel with us.

Above you will find some examples of our earlier projects. You may have something similar in mind, or something different. Whatever your plans, we will be really happy to offer you some friendly advice and a cuppa to get those creative ideas flowing!