Winter review of VideoMic Me by Røde

To be honest I could not wait to get hold the new mini directional mic by Røde, VideoMic Me. Ever since watching a short video presentation by the company last September I knew this was a perfect mic for my purposes to go with my iPhone6. However the shipping to the UK was painfully slow and reading some early positive feedback from the US and Germany was only adding to the excitement and frustration. All’s well that ends well. I got my reward in mid December.


Clutching my new VideoMic Me. After all I am sitting in a gondola 100ft above the ground.

This is not a comprehensive review of the mic – do not miss the best one by @Documentally – but my attempt at winter testing the mic in extreme(ish) wintry conditions, high in the Austrian Alps.

Overall the mic worked perfectly where I wanted it to work well: talking to camera outdoors, when the mic is not moving and the wind not too gusty; or indoors, where I would recommend you keep the furry windshield on. My testing established the mic would still collect some distortion from the side wind or when moving, but it would be reduced as compared with the standard in-built mic; in my case iPhone6. For me, the main strengths of VideoMic Me are in its design and audio quality:

  1. Its size (without the windshield it’s tiny; in the fur it fits nicely in my pocket)
  2. The looks (the phone looks like a proper, professional piece of gear with the mic one, especially with a holder like Shoulderpod S1)
  3. How easy to use it is with my phone (just clip it on and secure with a plastic mount) and on the move
  4. I was really happy with the quality of sound (check out the final scene in the video), especially at a modest price.

Good job, Røde!

4 thoughts on “Winter review of VideoMic Me by Røde

    • It should work with a 3.5mm socket, so the answer is yes. Apart from compatibility the other question is if the mic will or will not be in view of your camera. This depends on your model, but those with the camera on the far end should be fine. It may be a problem if you camera is placed more centrally at the back of your phone.
      You do not need an app to operate the mic, it is picked up automatically, but you can use a Rodemics app for recording and editing. An alternative is Ferrite, a great app even in its free, basic version.

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